Colours of emotions

Together Family Center invites you to a series of workshops:
These are meetings with a chance for a positive change, it is a step towards happiness.
Colors of Emotions are personal development workshops for adults aimed at getting to know themselves better

We will learn to recognize the not-so-obvious emotional responses, tame them, let them work to our advantage and help us fully enjoy a life full of colors.

The heroes of the first cycle are:
FEAR – diligently guarding our safety
SAD – our underappreciated melancholic friend with a warm blanket
ANGER – defender of our rights
JOY – the queen of happy moments you always want.

We meet once a month (either Tuesday evening or Saturday morning) for three hours. You can sign up for the entire cycle or join at any time.
The number of places is limited, please sign up.

1 lesson – £ 18, the whole cycle 4 x £ 15 = £ 60
Host: Małgorzata Szepielow – psychologist, social skills trainer, traveler, woman full of passion and emotions.


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