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Our organisation is a rapidly growing place where many people can come and receive help in Polish. It is made up of a group of wonderful employees and volunteers who are ready to help and support you every day.

Our mission is to support Polish people in the UK and the local community. We have a wide network of teachers, counsellors, therapists and people with a passion who are ready to share it with you. 

Currently, our community centre offers Polish language lessons for children and English lessons for adults. We also offer help from psychologists, therapists (speech and addiction specialists) as well as support groups.

 Our service:

In addition to the free services, we also offer individual therapeutic sessions with various specialists. 

Most of our services take place in our building, and others online. Every day we have new ideas which we want to make reality. The pandemic limits us, but it does not stop us. We are available Monday to Saturday at the following address St. Joseph Presbytery, Cutnook Lane, Irlam M44 6GX.

Important information
Free Christmas Trees for the local families in need.
If you are worried about the Christmas tree this year you can simply email us with your address and the funder will deliver it to your driveway. You have to be able to take it home.
Only 10 first emails! Good luck!
Together Famiy Centre

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Upcoming events 

The Lightwaves Festival around the Quays
Free of charge transport from the Together Family Centre, Irlam.
SATURDAY, 11.12.2021- 5 p.m.- 7 p.m.
A private tour of the outdoor installations and provide some mince pies 🙂
10 available space. Everyone welcome!
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