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Individual therapy

Individual psychological therapy for adults is a method of treating emotional disorders and solving personal problems using psychological and therapeutic techniques in direct contact with a specialist. The methods of psychotherapeutic interventions are individually selected according to the client’s needs and differ depending on the clinical diagnosis and the purpose of the therapy. Psychological therapy begins with a consultation in the form of an interview during which a specialist collects information on the basis of which he or she determines the further form of work and therapeutic support. During the consultation, a therapeutic contract is established with the client, ensuring confidentiality of the meetings, and details of the duration, frequency and price of the therapeutic sessions. We also inform how the sessions can be cancelled and the process of ending therapy with us. Psychotherapy usually takes place once or twice a week with each session lasting 50 minutes. Individual therapy is for individuals experiencing: depression, anxiety, somatic symptoms disorder, low self-esteem, bereavement and other life crises. 

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Couple therapy

Diagnosis and Therapy for children

Addiction therapy

Alcohol is present in our everyday life. In tradition (to ‘in tradition’ nie ma sensu po angielsku więc usuwamy). It’s on the table during holidays, family celebrations, corporate events. We often go out with friends for a drink and even actors in films and series don’t shy away from it. Alcoholism, like any addiction, is a disease that limits our willpower, impairs decision-making and disrupts the normal functioning of a personal and professional life. Chronic alcohol abuse causes diseases of the liver, heart, kidneys and stomach ulcers. Similarly, over time, it impacts the addicted individual’s social functioning both at work and in a family setting, as well as financial problems and even problems with the law. This happens when alcohol begins to control our life. 

Speech Therapy

Sensory Integration Therapy

Who is SIT for?

This method was developed for children with learning disabilities, because sensory integration disorders can significantly hinder or even prevent effective learning. However, this form of therapy can be used to stimulate the development of children with normal psychomotor development and as a form of prevention of possible learning difficulties. Additionally, SIT is used to work with children: 

  • from high-risk pregnancies, 
  • premature or significantly late births, 
  • after complicated or caesarean deliveries, 
  • with speech development delay, 
  • psychomotor retardation,
  • visually impaired and hearing impaired children, 
  • with ADHD, 
  • with autism and genetic disorders

Diagnosis of central and physiological hearing

Diagnosis of central and physiological hearing
The hearing test is carried out using the SAT System along with a full audiogram. It is completed in an ordinary office – without the need to use a soundproof booth. In addition to measuring peripheral hearing, it will also enable the measurement of central auditory processing. The SAT diagnostic system, is the only one of its kind in Poland, has been subject to full normalisation on the population of Polish primary and secondary school pupils, which means that it can be used in diagnostic procedures related to psychological and pedagogical opinions. Learning, writing and reading difficulties, and frequent coexisting emotional disorders may result from disturbances in the analysis of sounds at the central level.

EEG Biofeedback

Support group

Support group for parents of children with developmental disorders

Support group for co-addicts

This group is for people who notice signs of codependency, for example, if you are in a relationship with an addicted person, you are a parent of a child who is addicted to the internet, smartphone or social media. What is Codependency? Co-addiction syndrome is most prevalent among the wives of alcoholics, but it also affects anyone who has a close relationship with an addict. Addiction can be related to psychoactive substances other than alcohol (e.g. drugs, nicotine) or to addictive behaviours such as gambling, eating disorders or sexual addiction.

Support group for addicts

The group is dedicated to people struggling with addiction. It supports individuals to achieve their goals related to giving up addiction. Group sessions give participants the opportunity to look at their feelings and behaviours in contact with other people, allow them to exchange experiences and their own ways of coping in various situations. Thanks to the help of professional therapists, patients have a chance to take control of their well-being and change the habits that make fighting addiction difficult. We invite you to sign up and participate in the group for addicts.

Support group for parents after a miscarriage


Ajurweda- jest nauką o życiu. Jest to jeden z najstarszych systemów medycznych świata pochodzący z Indii i tam do dziś praktykowany. 

Ajurweda jest prawdziwie holistyczną medycyną, co oznacza, że podejście do leczenia człowieka jest całościowe, a podczas terapii brane są pod uwagę wszystkie aspekty życia – fizyczne i psychiczne – umysł, zmysły, ciało, dusza.

Wizyta: czas do 90 min – ustalamy – prakruti – przyrodzoną kompozycje trzech dosz – żywiołów, niezmienną podczas całego życia, oraz – vikruti – przyczynę zaburzeń emocjonalno-cielesnych. Na tej podstawie rekomendujemy dietę, zioła, zabiegi, rodzaj aktywności oraz styl życia odpowiedni dla danej konstytucji.

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