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ABOUT US We are a Polish organisation which started as a football club in 2015 with a view of developing football skills for children and young people aged 5 to 14. However, since then we have become an organisation that supports the Polish community in a much wider way through sport, culture and help in times of crisis. The idea of ​​creating Together Family Centre came about when coaches from Majic Sport FC noticed some behavioural issues in children such as problems with concentration, inactivity, anger, bullying at school, etc. Some parents shared their concerns about their children with us and were hoping to receive support from the coaches. In October 2017, together with a Polish psychologist and speech therapist, we organised free consultations for families who were members of the club and anyone interested from the Polish community. Parents had the opportunity to consult professionals on psychomotor development, areas such as perception, memory, speech, social behaviour, etc. and share concerns about their children. About 20 families were consulted. The feedback from this event showed that there is a great need for psychological and speech-language support not only for children, but also for families. It was also clear that Poles were looking for support and specialists who spoke Polish. They confirmed that they have difficulties accessing mainstream health care due to a language barrier. It was at this point that Majic Sport FC and specialists decided to create H&H Family Centre (now known as Together Family Centre). During two events in March 2018 (the first official welcome day) and June 2018 (Polish Heritage Day) and on the website in social media, we collected opinions about establishing the Family Centre. Over 50 people reported the need to access such a facility. Thanks to the work of our staff, specialists, trainers and volunteers, the initiative of Majic Sport and Together Family Centre has become recognisable among the Polish and local community, as well as other public institutions. The organisation has received many community service awards, such as the award to represent North West in the British Parliament in June 2018. Our activities, documented by photos, posters, information and community recommendations, paved the way for successful application to obtain our current building in Irlam. It is the courtesy of the Principal of St. Joseph Primary School, Dawn Rydiard, and St. Joseph's Pastor, Tony Clarke, that the organisation has received the keys to the building.

Together Family Centre

Together Family Centre

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission

Our mission is the gradual development of the organisation, where each service is created based on the needs of the community. Our mission statement is prepared professionally and according to clear regulations. We would like every client, employee or volunteer to feel welcome and know that they have an impact on how the organisation is shaped and the direction of its development.

What makes us stand out:
The aim of our organisation is to support and help the Polish and local community integrate and thrive.

Our values
We are flexible and we are guided by the common good of the community.
We take on and fulfil initiatives from start to finish.

Imminent Goals

  • Psychological counseling and therapy service available for everyone 7 days a week.
  • Regular activities for personal and professional development such as: workshops, language classes, courses, integration initiatives.
  • Development of physical fitness to improve and maintain a balanced quality of life.
  • Social projects and regular events.
  • Advice and substantive support about subsidies, voting rights, financial issues, government applications 

Our vision
We want to be famous for a service that is affordable and characterised by high quality. Ethical values, responsibility and continuous improvement of work quality create a sense of security and trust in the management board and employees at every level. 


12 rules of Together Family Center

  1. Routine service improvement
  2. High quality of every service and activity. Described and improved.
  3. Trust in employees
  4. Long-term cooperation with local suppliers. Price is not the most important indicator
  5. General training of employees – annual goals
  6. Lead people instead of rule
  7. Complete elimination of the feeling of fear
  8. No divisions between departments and people
  9. Work according to tasks, not according to standards or externally imposed targets
  10. Responsibility and decision-making of employees at all levels, giving a sense of pride in their work
  11. Rigorous employee training in the referral program and service tools
  12. Don’t wait, act today!
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